Every year Menchi creates exclusive fabrics, creating two unique collections, Mimì and Menchi. The Mimì line is characterized by the use of precious blends and exclusive finishes that aim to enhance the elegance and quality of the fabric. The Menchi line, on the other hand, is rooted in tradition with an ever-attentive eye to new trends, and it is characterized by the younger and more contemporary style of its fabrics.

The charm of the Mimì and Menchi collections is the result of the creativity, passion and professionalism of the Menchi team, who takes care of every detail.

The Mimì collection:
elegance, authenticity and value

The MIMI collection takes its name from the founder of Lanificio Menchi. This line reflects her character and authenticity: using all the new processing technologies, it brings with it the value of the teachings of the time.

Double splittable, double face, jacquard, zibellino, clean cloths, gauze long hair, precious drapes, boiled, vaporous fabrics are marked by the beauty of the essential, given by the combination of precious and exclusive raw materials, with weaves and finishes that enhance the quality and richness.

In the lines of Cachemire GRS and Camel GRS, the company pays particular attention to creating quality fabrics that meet the current needs of eco-sustainability. This is how Menchi recovers and enhances the tradition of the district of Prato, a leader in the combination of recycled and virgin raw materials.

In this collection, the company wants to create real, authentic and TIMELESS fabrics, which could have been used by the first couturiers, but which are incredibly up-to-date: Menchi creates wonderful fabrics with an ancient flavour, but with an extremely modern charm.

The Menchi collection: between history and modernity

In the Menchi collection, two different souls coexist: one purely basic and historical and the other contemporary that follows the mood of the moment.

The encounter between the classic and contemporary style gives life to a wide variety of fabrics with a unique and unmistakable taste: vaporous fabrics, double gauze and washed, wavy effects, jacquard “all over”, panels with fringes, combed, fluid and falling cracks, designed dyed yarn vintage effects, duffle coat, melton, caban, military-flavoured cloths with ordinary hands with a masculine touch, but also very clean cloths obtained with fine and very soft wools, modern structures such as canvas and twill evident in wool/cotton, flounces and paintings given by the alternation between clean fabric and long pile fabric, velour, drapes, clothes, flannels, beaver.

Also in this collection, we find the commitment of Menchi towards sustainability: about 90% of fabrics can be produced sustainably, GRS or RWS, paying particular attention to products and processes that combine the demand for fashion with the creation of a “timeless” fabric.