Watercolor Harmony: The New Fall/Winter 2024-25 Collection by Menchi

tessuti menchi ai 24-25
tessuti menchi ai 24-25

Watercolor Harmony

Fall/Winter 2024-25 Collection

An ode to the beauty of nature and human resilience.

This Fall/Winter collection is designed to brighten winter days and bring a smile even on the darkest days.

Precious raw materials, soft and natural colors, and pastel shades blend together to create timeless fabrics.

The Mimì and Menchi lines offer textiles made with noble and natural fibers that convey warmth and emotions through subtle chromatic overlays.

Light and Color: A Tribute to Watercolor in the Menchi Autumn-Winter 24/25 Collection

Acquarello, Italian for watercolor painting, is an evocative term. Reminiscent of delicate hues, subtle shades, and flowing transitions, it evokes glowing brightness and energy. We chose this art, with its luminous translucence, as inspiration for our collection, aiming to defy the rules and brighten the dark days of winter.

The Mimi and Menchi lines of our 24/25 fall-winter collection feature a range of fabrics with a feminine soul and sophisticated vintage edge. Items woven from natural and noble fibers enhanced by subtle color overlays that are resonant with emotion and heart-warming.

The precious carefully selected raw materials, handcrafted yarns, and exclusive workmanship are the hallmarks of the collection.


The FW 2024-25 collection looks to the future but remains firmly anchored to the quality tradition that distinguishes the Menchi brand.

For the items in this collection, we have chosen the most precious noble and natural fibers: cashmere, alpaca, camel, and virgin wool. We have worked them with care and knowledge to create silky, warm, soft, and enveloping fabrics.

In addition to the quality of the fibers, attention has also been paid to the sustainability of materials and the ecological footprint. 80% of the collection is recyclable, demonstrating the Menchi brand’s intention to contribute to environmental protection.


The collection stands out for the use of three dominant colors – white, camel, and kasha – combined with pastel tones that evoke watercolors in a fresh, innovative and bold aesthetic.

The collection’s theme features the expressive power of the translucent and nuanced shades typical of watercolor, whimsical and nonconformist color touches to give every single fabric an original and lively touch.

Finally, to enhance the colors of the collection and ensure longevity, we used specific finishing techniques that provide the stability of the fabric colors over time.


Ci siamo ispirati alla potenza espressiva delle tonalità diafane e sfumate proprie dell’acquarello, tocchi di colore estrosi e anticonformisti, per dare un tocco inedito e vivace alla collezione.

Embossed jacquard, bouclé, multidimensional yarns crafted using exclusive looms, and unique rovings give rise to harmonious, contemporary, timeless fabrics. 

For the manufacturing, we chose shapes that result in melodic effects reminiscent of water, the core ingredient of watercolor painting.


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