Know how

Experience, know-how and craftsmanship are the values that allow Menchi to stand out in the textile sector and to give life to “timeless” fabrics.

Since 1961 Menchi has transmitted these values to its employees, becoming a place of growth and training. Over the years, our employees have managed to acquire technical skills that have made them the professionals of today. The aim is to continue this tradition, transmitting the know-how acquired over the years to the youngest through internal training programs.

The know-how lies in the heart and engine of the company, the Menchi team: with professionalism, passion and determination the team guarantees the success of the company.

The textile designer takes care of the creative part, designing unique and high-quality fabrics. She knows how to translate the needs of customers into a product tailored to their needs. Her ideas are realized during the processes of selection of the raw materials, creation of the yarn, weaving and finishing, phases followed by the professionals inside the company.

The selection of the best raw materials is the essential element for the creation of fine fabrics: within the company we find a figure who takes care of carefully selecting them, giving life to games of colour and unique compositions. Thanks to its strong technical skills, the team dedicated to raw materials continuously develops and experiments with new mixtures that meet the needs of customers.

The finishing, the set of treatments that give the fabric the appearance and the final hand, is followed by a team of experts, who is responsible for controlling and defining which are the best treatments to perform to ennoble the fabric.

In recent years, sustainability has become a central issue in the textile sector. For this reason, Menchi has included in the team a new figure, the chemical manager. She is constantly responsible for monitoring compliance with ethical and environmental standards, helping to make the company increasingly sustainable. The increase in demand for sustainable products makes the chemical manager one of the key figures of the company, as she ensures compliance with the parameters and standards necessary to obtain the certifications.

Reliability and competence: distinctive features of Menchi

The strength of Menchi is its know-how, a true guarantee of reliability. Knowledge of the product, direct relationships with customers, respect for the delivery times and the excellent quality-price ratio are the distinctive features of the company. Menchi is committed to ensuring a constant quality standard, which is reflected in both the services and the final product.

A perfect synthesis between experience and textile tradition, the wool mill looks to the future, aiming at innovation and the constant search for new challenges to overcome with the know-how and passion that have always characterized it.