Every Menchi fabric is a story of a long journey towards excellence made of hard work, collaboration, passion and attention to detail. This is how the precious, unique and exclusive fabrics for outerwear, for which Menchi has been known since 1961, are born.
The long journey that the fibre undertakes to become fabric begins with a careful selection of the finest raw materials, among the most used: wool, cashmere, alpaca and camel. These fibres can be combined with others to meet all the needs of our customers.
The journey continues with the processing of the raw material that is spun, woven and finished by our trusted contractors. Menchi fabrics begin to take different forms: the weave between the weft and the warp gives life to unique structures. We use double or shaved weave to enhance the value of alpaca and camel fibres; padded or double openable, which can be tailored to enhance the maximum softness of our cashmere; braided effects for our boiled fabrics; jacquard to highlight our best blends following the trends of the moment; special weaves to enhance the hand of our range of clothes in various weights and compositions.
The journey continues with the dyeing and finishing of our fabrics and it ends when our team launches Mimì and Menchi collections, ready to be presented to our customers every year.


Menchi has always worked with its customers to develop exclusive stylistic projects: we know how to translate every single need to create a customized product. Direct and attentive dialogue is essential to ensure the realization of a fabric that fully satisfies the customers requests.

Raw material