An integral part of the long journey faced by a textile fibre to become a fabric is the dyeing: divided into different phases, it is the process that gives the fabric the final colour. The fibre, immersed in natural or artificial dyeing baths within specific machinery, will take on various shades of colour, from the softest tones to the most flamboyant. The colour will be subjected to treatments aimed at making it more solid, uniform and durable.

Menchi: between games and shades of colour

The finishing of the raw yarn in the coloured yarn is a long journey that Menchi takes care of in every detail: to ensure a fabric with an unmistakable colour, the company collaborates with trusty and highly specialized finishing and dyeing, which contribute to make the fabric of extraordinary quality.
In addition to the wide range of colours that we offer to meet every need, we also offer exclusive customizable colours that adapt to customer requests. To fully achieve its objectives that aim at excellence and quality, Menchi performs numerous colour checks, continuously involving the customer to assess the effect that colour will have on the final fabric.
Dyeing is a process that often involves chemical dyes: their use must be continuously regulated to avoid environmental impact. Menchi relies on a highly competent figure, the chemical manager, who takes care of updating the company on time about the rules to be respected.

Over the years, we had specialized in four ways of dyeing: stock dyeing, yarn dyeing, dyeing in the piece and cold dyeing.

Yarn/stock dyeing

The stock dyeing provides for the fibre to be dyed before being spun and woven, unlike the yarn dyeing that consists in applying the colour after being spun. Menchi’s creativity is fully expressed thanks to these techniques, giving life to united fabrics, melange, multicolour melange as well as the ability to characterize them with original and creative designs.

Piece dyeing

The piece dyeing sees the application of colour to the cloth already woven. The raw fabric is immersed in dye baths giving life to a combined fabric rich in shades and colour games. The advantages of this particular technique lie both in the speed of the process that allows meeting the needs of customers in a very short time and in the ability to give the piece a wide variety of effects that cannot be obtained with the use of other techniques.

Cold dyeing

Cold dyeing is a particular type of colouring of the fabric that involves the use of special dyes applied at low temperatures. Thanks to the use of this particular technique we can obtain chromatic effects particularly in demand in the fashion world involving reduced quantities of water and energy. This makes it a highly sustainable technique that meets the needs of an increasingly sustainable world.