Finishing is the last stage of the long journey that the fibre undertakes to become fabric: it is the whole of the processes that aim to improve the appearance, the feel to the touch and the properties of the fabric.
The process involves two phases that can be customized according to the article requested by our customers: the wet finishing, which involves the use of chemicals, and the dry finishing, which is obtained using physical processes such as pressure, clutch and temperature. The strength, the softness, stability and shine of the fabric depend on the treatments used.

Menchi’s finishing:
experience, research, tradition and innovation

Menchi takes great care of the finishing because it makes its fabrics precious and unique.

To ensure high-quality standards, the company has set up a team of experts that follows every single step: thanks to the experience and know-how, our team is able to accurately identify the best treatment to obtain a product with an unparalleled charm.

Our team can apply a wide variety of treatments that improve physical and aesthetic properties, obtaining fabrics of extraordinary quality.

Our strength is knowing how to interpret raw materials to give life to the most varied variations of the fabric.

Our fabrics bring with them modernity and tradition: a magical encounter between classic and innovative finishes that gives life to an exclusive fabric. This is the secret of Menchi: a careful look at the future without ever forgetting its origins.

The unmistakable beauty of Menchi fabrics is the result of a meticulous study of the most varied finishing techniques, among the most important:

The charm of Menchi’s zibellino fabric

The protagonist of the Lanificio Menchi is definitely the striccato fabric, also called zibellino, made with a technique of high prestige that gives it a wavy look with unmistakable charm.

The previously gauzed and wet cloth is ennobled using the “striccatrice”, a machine that uses mechanical or vegetable thistles to give the hair of the fabric a harmonious and uniform direction. This is Menchi highlight: his ability to stand out in the use of thistles of plant origin in a textile industry increasingly marked by the use of metallic machines.

The enchanting beauty of Menchi’s zibellino fabrics is the result of years of experience, dedication and desire to create a unique product.